Sunday, February 15, 2009

There May Be Hope Yet

It's no secret that Direct Sales tends to get a bad name, particularly from those who don't completely understand exactly how it works and how it can drastically change people's lives for the better. Recently, however, I've seen Direct Sales mentioned with high regard in the media (which let's face it, means alot). To that I say "FINALLY"! There may be hope yet for Direct Sales to gain the name it deserves - a dern good one. We've seen many women reach six and seven figure incomes as a result of their Direct Sales business; women who in corporate society would have never otherwise come close to that sizeable income. This didn't fall into their laps by any means. It's hard work. It's consistent work. It's meaningful work, and that very well may be one of the greatest reasons WHY they've excelled so far. I'm excited to see these updates on what is normally a stream of bad news. I normally avoid the nightly news because the reports are either so unbelievably negative and sad or completely useless information. However, on occasion, there are a few diamonds in the rough. Watch this short CBS Evening News report:

I've heard time and time again that during a recession two things increase in sales: booze and lipstick - both because people want to feel good. I must say though that it's not simply the cosmetic companies that will be feeling and seeing an increase in both sales and consultant sign-ups. People are now searching for low-cost solutions to fill their needs of additional income and socializing. Because of incredibly dedicated, educated and experienced Direct Sellers, more and more people are coming to realize that a business opportunity in Direct Sales is an incredible option. Look what MSNBC's Mad Money had to say:

Now trust me, I'm the first to admit it's hard to stomach his cheezy sound effects, but the man has a point. And notice the longevity of the companies he discusses - they've seen quite a few moments of economic down-turn. What's the deal?? Consistency, my dear friend. I'm doubtful they've EVER sat back, put their feet up and hoped for the best. They understand it's hard, consistent, meaningful work that got them there and they understand that's what it will take to continue this incredible growth. How about you? Do you have a grasp of what you have before you?? We're making history here, dear friends, big time. Now is the time to shine, baby! Work that consistency NOW - I'm telling you it will pay off. We're at the gate, the roller coaster is about ready for us to hop on. It's about time Direct Sales is beginning to get some decent recognition! Buckle up, keep your arms and hands inside your vehicle at all times and enjoy the ride.

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