Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lifesaver Recruiting Game

(This new game idea was shared anonymously, and was featured in today's issue of Ferf's Ezine: "Info Buffet". If you're not subscribed already, get your behind over there and make it happen! Your business is waiting!) ;)


This is a fun twist to recruiting. Take rolls of 5 flavor Lifesaver candies (the small, mini rolls will do).
At your presentations, open a roll of Life-Savers and give everyone one. Announce that just as you wouldn't eat candy in front of them without sharing with EVERYONE --not just a select few--you want to share with everyone why your business can be a lifesaver for them. Then ask, "Do you feel like you are going in circles, like this candy? You don't know the beginning from the end. Well, here's a lifesaver for each of you!"
Now ask, "who has a YELLOW LIFESAVER? Yellow means I have a BRIGHT's a happy environment because I get to show people like you how to use our products, give gifts to wonderful hostesses, share my business with people who want to work in a bright, happy business, all while helping my family by earning more and being home.
Speaking of HOME, who has a RED LIFESAVER? Red means LOVE. I love to work from home with the people I love most. And, I also love our products and showing others how to profit from our products by doing parties.
Who has a CLEAR lifesaver? The reasons for joining this company are CRYSTAL CLEAR, like this lifesaver. It's a home-based business and you don't have to fight rush hour traffic!" (List one or two reasons that really make you and your company stand out, like gifts, trips, automobiles, getting paid every week, begin your business with little financial outlay, personal service...)
"If you're ready to get GOING, the light is GREEN!" (See which guests have a GREEN lifesaver.) "Not only does GREEN mean GO, it also stands for money. Now that you know more about this company, and how it can be a lifesaver to you, ORANGE you glad you're here to find out more? If so, visit with me after the party and I'll see you home with your own roll of LifeSavers and we'll discuss more about how you can savor your life and business!"

What a clever, new and quick way to share what you do. This can be one of many recruiting seeds planted throughout a presentation. (Granted, this one may not be as subtle as some, but seeds come in all shapes and sizes.) Using a visual as we share can be incredibly effective because it's memorable. Think these guests will ever look at Lifesavers the same way? Probably not.