Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ch...Ch... Ch... Changes

You've heard me say (or seen me write) "Upgrades are necessary as success progresses".  This past year has been one of incredible growth and transformation for me and my business(es) as well as for you and your business(es) - I've seen it!  I'm excited to announce that my coaching business site is getting a face-lift and will be switching over to a blog format.  It's nearly done; but I honestly couldn't wait to share it with you.  So, you might be asking, what's gonna happen here with Ferf Chat?  I'll most definitely still be posting Ferfisms, including info on my direct selling business.  The primary change you'll be seeing here is that the business focused articles will now be posted on my coaching business site instead. 

I'm embracing each change and LOVING it!  I gotta say, once you open your heart and mind to possibilities and opportunities, doors open.  One opportunity I'm currently celebrating is being selected for Linda Forsythe's Fabulous 5 for Mentor's Harbor Magazine - including a COVER STORY.  Do it with me now - *happy dance*  I'll keep everyone posted on that over at my coaching site.  So, until my next post, I bid you adieu for now... leaving you with very chocolatey and caffeinated thoughts.  ((HUGS))