Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Recipe for Relaxation" - a Great Recruiting Gift Idea

So you have a prospect who is VERY interested in your business opportunity. You have your opportunity packets all set & ready to go - always on hand - and as you hand her your cute little packet you arrange to chat with her to make sure this business is a fit for her & her family. Ever wonder what happens between the time she receives the packet & the time you chat with her?? (You DO chat with her after giving her the packet, right? I thought so.) I'll tell you what happens during that time: if she's really serious about it, she's researching this biz like crazy! She's writing out pros and cons, she's taking note of important details from your site & your packet. She's asking around to see if there's any interest... the list goes on. Wouldn't it be great if all prospects were this involved?? Truth be told, most prospects are looking into it, but life happens in between peeks at the opportunity packet. The kids got into something they shouldn't have, the dog made a mess on the carpet - again - and hubby can't find the scissors. For Pete's sake! :) What can we do to stay in the minds of our ever-busy prospects?? Share the "Recipe for Relaxation" as a special gift - a "thank you" for taking the opportunity packet & considering the business.

Here's what you need: party favor type cellophane bags, tea or gourmet hot chocolate, a small candle (like small "dinner light" candles for placesettings or a votive & holder), sample size bath fizzies or salts, and a delicious chocolate (make it worth-while like a Godiva, or even better yet Merci chocolates - can be found at WalMart; get it? Merci? I digress.)

Arrange all of these gifts with a little "foo-foo" confetti in the party favor bag and please be sure to be tasteful & make sure the chocolates are not going to make contact with the bath product or candle - yucky taste!! In Word, create some little notes (to tuck into the bag) that say the following:

Recipe for Relaxation
Make yourself a nice soothing beverage
Light a candle
Relax in a warm bath while thinking of the possibilities of what (Company) could do for you.
(The chocolate is an added bonus) :)
Next, don't think about the business at all for the rest of the night. Go to bed & sleep on it. If you find yourself thinking about the business between the time you wake up & noon - even for just a brief moment - then something's telling you to move forward with this & try it out.

Isn't that a nice gift?? She'll be thinking about the business for sure, and the great thing is you now have a conversation starter when you call to chat about the business. "Sue, did you take the time to 'relax' and think about what (Company) could do for you??" She won't forget you at all; in fact she'll appreciate the fact that you put her first. The timing might not be right for her, and that's okay. She will remember the lovely gift you gave her & will know exactly who to go to when the timing is right.

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