Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let Your Business Lead You

Anyone who has had a chance to get to know me has discovered I'm one of those gals that likes to keep just about everything. It's funny because when I (attempt to) organize my office, I come across things that make me think "why one earth did I save this". Other times I'm very thankful I held onto what others would have most likely thrown away. Today I was perusing through some old notes and came across a great little something I saved from Christine Kloser. I simply had to share it here with you.

Let Your Business Lead You
Let it guide you
to those places in your heart you have yet to discover.
Let it call your soul
to be fully expressed and engaged in the world.
Let it be the way
for you to contribute your unique gifts to the world.
Let it be your tool
for making the planet a better place
Let it be your vehicle
for leaving a legacy long after you are gone.
Let it be YOU...
...mind and body, heart and soul.
~Christine Kloser~
I always talk about setting yourself apart in your business and branding yourself. When you allow your business to do and be all these things, it really becomes YOUR business. Do you feel you're simply a representative of great products or do you have a solution for those around you? Can you really make a difference? Perhaps your incredible customer service or perky smile is a breath of fresh air to your customers or maybe your humor lightens their load for the day. What is uniquely yours that you can offer today? Make it happen.

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