Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"If Not Now, When"

On this final day of 2008 I want to not only extend my wishes to you for Success & Blessings in the New Year, but I also feel compelled to share this great thought as the world reflects on the past year & sets out to move forward in 2009.

Now more than any time throughout a given year, people from all over are setting goals - or at least have thought about preparing to set goals (tee hee!) - for the new year. Now is the time that commitments are being made to finally step up to the plate and make things happen, be it losing weight, business growth, etc. So why lose momentum halfway through February? Not enough pepper on that launch? Within each of us is the incredible ability to accomplish anything we set our minds to! Isn't your business worth great success?

In your party plan business - in your life - do you realize you're not the only one out there setting the goal to be #1, to be successful, to be extraordinary? January 1st offers a clean slate for everyone. Even the top leaders in your company have $0 in sales at some point on the first of the month. If you don't step up to the plate and jump on in there, somebody else will. If you don't stay committed to your goals - even halfway through February - somebody else will. If you don't get those bookings, somebody else will. If you don't get those prospects, sales, opportunities, events, recruits... somebody else will. If you don't get those things NOW, when? Why hurry up and wait? Worry and fear have never served anyone anything but bondage. (What a delightful picture, bondage on a silver platter.) When mid-February rolls around, will you remain on target? Ask yourself each and every day "If Not Now, When"? Your gain will be a direct result of your efforts; how great will your gain be? That is entirely up to you. Abundance is yours! You CAN be unstoppable - there are no limits. Make your life extraordinary - begin with today!

Wishing you a New Happy Year! Yes, a "New Happy Year" - because this and every year is a happy one if you make it so.

Success and Blessings to you in the New Year!

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