Monday, December 29, 2008

Are You Already Ready Already?

I know, I know, redundancy abounds with me. But you have to admit - that title is awefully fun to say - and very thought provoking! So, seriously, are you already ready already for 2009? I've had to remind myself numerous times just this week that September has come and gone and the new year is literally around the corner. Talk of resolutions is in full swing both off and online, and I'm finding that many people are asking "will you have any resolutions in the new year?" or "do you plan to have any resolutions?" and this cracks me up. Let me ask this - why do we need to hurry up and wait? Why must the starting line for 'resolutions' be on the 1st of the year? Was this universal law written by the same people who said 'thou shalt not wear white after labor day'? (If that's really taboo then ignore my new handbag, mkay? Just sayin'.)

Now really, be an over-achiever and get a head start on the majority. Does your next step really have to wait until January 1st? You're extraordinary, and extraordinarily successful people rarely follow the crowd. In fact I think it's safe to say you'll find us extraordinarily successful people a good 50 feet ahead of that crowd. That crowd is practically chasing after extraordinary, wanting to know how they too can start an unbeaten path of their own.

Sure, I understand it's nice to start on an even (or in this case odd, technically) note - after all the beginning of a new year is a great & easy way to keep track of a beginning. New year equals new beginnings. Chew on this: just think of how great it will be to say "Oh I started that already back in 2008". Holy moley, you've already tacked on what seems like an entire year, even though it's technically the end of the year. It reminds me of when we were kids and people would ask us our age. Do you remember that? We'd tack on as much as we could for the sake of experience. "I'm 8 and 3/4." These next few days count as a jump start in your business experience. Funny to think about, I know, but it's so true.

What happens if after today your resolution takes a break? Hey, you still have Jan 1st as a springboard, am I right? (Tee hee!) But what happens after a January 1st resolution takes a break. "Oh, I guess it wasn't meant to be; resolutions never stick anyway..." and by January 15th 'tis but a vapor. I say jump on the opportunity now - today - get that puppy rolling! Why hurry up and wait? There's no need to wait for a date. Your resolutions/goals/dreams are ripe on the vine. You're already ready already! Go!

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