Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Grace of Change

    Change is good.  Change is necessary for growth and with each new growth comes an invitation for even more change. Some adapt beautifully while others grow dark with resentment.  People change.  Opinions change.  Attitudes change.  Circumstances change.  Seasons change.  It's all cyclical.  Until we fully embrace the reality that change is necessary in all seasons of life, we cannot effectively move forward.  In understanding the foundational truth that change is necessary, it is not the "how we change" that is as important as the "how we ARE in our change".

    I am a fan of football.  (GO PACKERS!)  Now whether you closely follow football or not, you know the name Brett Favre.  As an avid Packers fan I can tell you how incredibly fun it was to watch that good ol' country boy grow an amazing professional career, breaking record after record, all with pure passion.  Game after game he'd smile such a smile that made fans everywhere proclaim "he's such a big kid".  I can tell you an entire fan base choked up as he started the game following his father's passing.  I can tell you how humbling it was to see articles and interviews in March of 2008 upon his announcement of retiring (this time seeming it would really be true and yes, I saved a copy of at least one article).  It was a time of awe.  Truly, a local sports 'hero' was finally hanging his helmet and doing so with a great sense of pride and accomplishment.  In embracing the reality that Favre's retirement was finally official we Wisconsinites knew that in the future we'd be taking our kids to the Hall of Fame to let them basque in the glory of those good ol' days.  *Sigh*  "There, son, is a great quarterback. He was so incredibly talented and fun to watch."

    Then, pardon me for putting it like this but, something crawled up Favre's behind over the summer that year because things drastically changed.  Honestly we Packers fans had grown used to Brett's come-and-go retirement announcements but that Spring he made it all official.  We fans embraced the news for what it was worth, talked about it for months and found ways to move forward knowing full well we'd gladly welcome the new face to come.  After all, it's not the first nor the last time we'd ever see a new quarterback come in.  But this "comeback" was far from Favre's usual.  After his official announcement, the organization did what they had to do: move forward.  Draft picks commenced, practices began and assignments were being made.  At practically the eleventh hour, Brett Favre decided he'd like to come back to the game.  The organization sure would have loved to have him back, but they'd already begun embracing change.  It would be far from practical to suddenly turn everything around to the way things were at the time simply because one person (who retired) would have preferred it that way.  Favre was welcome to come back BUT his playing conditions would have changed.  He would have not been the starting quarterback.  This Brett did not like.  It was as though a wave of "don't you realize who I am" came over him and the drama began.  That season he was starting quarterback for the NY Jets (keeping his precious starter stats).  The following year he thought he could make a bigger and bolder statement by becoming a Minnesota Viking (Packers rival).  Interview responses were mouthy and Favre's stature was incredibly different as he proclaimed something to the effect of "if you're a real Packers fan, you'll understand why I'm doing what I'm doing".  Pompous as they come.

    It was not the change itself that caused such controversy.  This certainly wasn't the first time a beloved Packer had moved on to a different path.  For chocolate's sake, Ryan Longwell (kicker) went over to the Vikings before Favre even thought to and all was well.  It happens.  The issue was not that Brett Favre left the Packers and brought on change.  The issue was HOW Brett Favre WAS (and IS) in his change.  Some say the Packers were mean to Favre while others (like yours truly) are proud that the franchise stuck to their guns, refusing to bend the rules for a seemingly now self-absorbed superstar.  Was Favre embracing this new change or resenting it?  The answer is in his actions.  His middle name surely ain't Grace.  :)

"Opportunity knocks at the strangest times, it's not the time that matters but how you answer the door."  - Steve Gray

Football fan or not - a virtual penny for your thoughts?

(Note: although the publish date reflects a later date, this article was written prior to Favre's photo scandal which is why there is no reference made to said event.)

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