Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nine Ways To Do A Show!

By Shari Hudspeth

Nine Ways To Do A Show! Here is an idea that will make scheduling shows a lot more fun! Today's Hostess is busier than ever. To make booking a show more appealing, use the following activity at your shows: To get group involvement, I suggest you write these nine ideas on an index card. Have the guest read the ideas one at a time. After each idea is read, explain it briefly. Make a separate card for yourself with clues to remind you what to say until you become familiar with them.

Customer card - 9 Ways To Do A Show
1. Traditional Evening
2. Day Show
3. Stop and Shop
4. Theme Party
5. Fund Raiser
6. Co - Host
7. Restaurant
8. Saturday Multiple Choice
9. Open House

Consultant card
1. This is the way most of us are used to hosting a show.
2. For those of you who are home during the day, we can do a morning or afternoon show.
3. You’ll find this one easy. There’s no cleaning or preparation. We can do it at lunch or after work and you have a captive audience!
4. These can add an element of fun to your party. Make it a deck party, couples party, or ice cream social (you provide the ice cream and each guest brings a different topping).
5. These can be extremely rewarding. Do you belong to an organization that could use our products for something worthwhile? Host a show and the organization gets the Host credit!
6. Here is a another fun way to host! Partner with your sister or your best friend. One of you hosts the show at your home and the other brings the snacks. You each invite your own guests and receive the credit for the orders of those guests. It's just easier and more fun!
7. This one is as easy as it gets – and super fun! You get free product, and you and your friends get a dinner out together. I’ll bring a few products with me and casually share a little information about these products during our time together.
8. Saturday is my most popular day, so I offer three different time frames to accommodate you – 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.
9.Casual shopping with personal service.

What’s great about this activity is, customers who weren't even considering hosting a show say, “A deck party, that would be so much fun!" or "I never thought about a restaurant party!" It just gives them so many more options and can be a real “Aha” moment for your guests! I do want to share with you that the Saturday multiple choice idea was a huge “Aha” moment for me when I first heard someone train on it. It had never occurred to me that I could do three shows in one day. It made great sense: I was already leaving the house. I already had my kit packed and my Hostess and recruiting packets ready. Why not schedule more than one show in a day while I was already out and about? Even if you did two on Saturday or Sunday twice a month that would be four shows in two days! The BIG perk I saw in doing multiple shows on Saturday was that my customers knew that I did this. When they made the decision to join my team, they would naturally do the same thing because they saw me doing it. It was one of the things that contributed to a high-selling Central Team and down line!

Article by Shari Hudspeth, Provided by The Direct Selling Women's Alliance Copyright 2003

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