Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am...

I am a child of God
...a wife
...a mother
...a daughter
...a sister
...a friend aunt
...a cousin
...a shoulder to cry on ear that hears
...a hug that brings comfort
...a gift entrepreneur
...truly blessed
...respected to get back up when life tries to knock me down

... a goddess...

My bio always includes "Domestic Goddess turned Mompreneur". While I'm no domestic equivalent to the likes of Martha Stewart or the Brady Bunch's Alice, I've been able to hold my own when it comes to making our house a home. The above list goes on, but I wanted to share a few things that manifested when I took the time to relax and focus on what makes me "me". :) Today's post is about remembering to do something for yourself. One can never give from an empty cup. If the most you can do for yourself today is reflect on who you are, you'll be able to center on SO much more and in peace.

My friend Kristy Nichols, aka Average Goddess, made this incredible video; I just HAD to share!

2009 is YOUR time to shine! Make it happen, baby!
Blessings to you!

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